We carry three Tornos machines. Two of which are Decos 20A and one ENC 164. Each machine uses eco friendly oil. The machines are inspected daily for general maintenance to make sure that the production never stops.  We cut all materials like aluminum, copper and more difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, with extreme precision.Our machines can hold tight tolerances. Some machines might even hold +/- 0.0002 with machine operator intervention.
Our ENC 164
  • four axis
  • sub spindle
  • live tooling
  • for simple and semi complex parts up to 5/8 diameter
Our Decos 20A
  • ten axis
  • sub spindle
  • live tooling
  • for semi to highly complex parts up to 1" diameter
Factory trained Personnel in Switzerland on Deco single spindle model machines.
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